Beach travellers

Beach Travellers is a unique travel company that specializes in adventure travel to the world’s most exotic locations. We provide exclusive adventure backpacking trips that stray off the beaten path by continuing to drive further and further down the road less travelled.

Our groups are small and interpersonal by limiting the size to a maximum of 12 – 14 people per trip and we are solely focused on creating intricate travelling lifestyles in the most amazing countries in the world. Our trip design is far beyond any basic backpacker route or tour by including and exposing a wide variety of activities & culture to everyone on our trips, from the time they step off the plane. We travel to each country’s finest locations and leave the opportunities in each place up to the traveller. We have introduced the idea of an enlightening travelling experience at it’s best, while removing any of the stresses that come along with it. Our trip concept and style gives each of our travellers the opportunity to see and explore the freedom of living in the true paradises we have uncovered.

Everyone that works with us is experienced and driven solely on the love of travelling and the joy of expanding people’s horizons to new exciting places. We have been operating for four years now and people from across Canada are starting to realize that this is not a tour company; it’s a new era of travel.

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